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Watching television is a favorite pastime for many people the world over. Ever since the first working television in 1927, TV has taken an interesting journey, meandering through variety shows, game shows, and broadcasting that ended just after midnight and wouldn’t resume again until the next morning. There’s been lots of controversy over content; to curse or not to curse; how much skin to show; to address racial issues; whether it would be better to offer an unrealistic view of [...]

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The 1990s were a decade when television was reinventing itself under pressure from cable, new talent, and the crumbling of censorship. Arbitrarily, we bump series that ran longer in the next decade, like ER and Law & Order, or which, like South Park and The Simpsons, remain in production to this day. Homicide: Life on the Street gets cut for ratings weakness, along with acclaimed one-season wonders like My So-Called Life. So too does NYPD Blue. Frasier? A critical and [...]

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Neon, fishnet stockings, shoulder pads, and asymmetrical haircuts? The bizzare fashions of the 1980s infiltrated television and captured the decade perfectly, in all its “Me” generation glory. Dallas (1978- 1991) Soap operas offer an opportunity to escape for an hour into the fantasy life of someone else. Bring on the melodrama! Walk into someone’s office during a board meeting and slap them right across the face! Get into a hair-pulling fist fight with that neighbor who’s been eyeing your significant [...]

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Arguably one of the best decades in television, the 1970s produced such hits as: – Alice – The Bionic Woman – The Bob Newhart Show – Bonanza – Charlie’s Angels – CHiPs – The Dukes of Hazard – Eight is Enough – Fantasy Island – The Flip Wilson Show – Good Times – Gunsmoke – Hawaii Five-0 – Ironside – Kojak – Laverne and Shirley – Little House on the Prairie – The Love Boat – Mannix – Marcus Welby, [...]

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There have been many people who have captured our attention and whom we trusted, who influenced how we voted, what we purchased and which God to believe in. Before Internet with its social media pages, search engines, community manager, SEO and other search engine marketers pushing contents, once TV came into our living rooms, the ability to reach the masses changed forever. 5. Larry King The premier television and radio host. After conquering local Miami radio and TV markets in [...]

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In the late 20th century, television came into its own as a medium that could bring the US, and the world, together. Not everyone responded in the same way to the following televised events, but these were shared momentS that left a lasting impression on all who lived through them. Where were you when…? 5. The Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster January 28, 1986 73 second into takeoff the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated, leading to the deaths of its seven crew [...]

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5. Roots “Part VIII” (January 30th 1977) 36.38 million households 51.1% of households with television 71% of households with television turned on A television miniseries based on Roots: The Saga of an American Family by Alex Haley. It chronicles the history of Haley’s ancestors, starting with his fourth great grandfather Kunta Kinte, from the Gambia, West Africa who was captured by slave traders and sent to Colonial America. We see the trials and tribulations of being a plantation slave, trying [...]

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What is it about game shows that bring the whole family around the television? America can’t get enough of finishing sentences, questioning answers, predicting the top five answers in a survey, guessing the price behind door number three and answering useless but fun trivia. The Newlywed Game (1966- 2000) Though it has aired in many forms, with a number of hosts since its inception, seeing newlyweds clash and stumble over how well they thought they knew each other never gets [...]

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Cartoons don’t just imply Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs (unless there are little kids at home). There is also crude, hysterically funny animation that offers the same suspension of disbelief as soap operas or dramas, allowing the viewer to be lost in a world wholly different to his or her own. Children and adults alike can watch TV cartoons, albeit for different reasons. Kids would laugh at the more obvious, slapstick-esque gags, and adults can appreciate the darker sarcasm [...]

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Although we speak the same language, there are wonderful nuances between American and British humor. Often considered to be more sophisticated, British comedies are marked by their dry wit and sarcasm. It’s never a given that British shows or American shows will achieve trans-Atlantic success although there are notable exceptions, such as the comedies below: Monty Python’s Flying Circus (1969– 1974) The Monty Python comedy group is one of the most notable crossovers into American culture, achieved by the success [...]

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